Your Perfect Healing Match: Confidence + Courage Crystals

If you are looking to increase your confidence and find power within, sunstone, topaz, tiger eye, and amethyst crystals would be the perfect fit for you. 

Confidence stones like tiger eye and amethyst can help you overcome fear and insecurity and a tendency to look to other people for affirmation and validation, especially in your work life/career. Earthy colors like pinks, browns, oranges, and red, help you heal your root chakra to feel more grounded and at home in your skin and in the world. 

I like to think about the powerful lioness when I’m using confidence crystals, whether that’s in an oil roller or during meditation, so that I’m able to speak up for myself and express my truth when I need to.

Confidence + Courage Crystals: Set of 5

Tiger's Eye, Amphibole, Quartz, Rainbow, Moonstone, Hematite and Sunstone crystals hand selected to help with confidence + courage.

Includes an info card that tells you exactly how you can use your new crystals in a fun and playful way. We want using crystals to be EASY and fun. You also receive a beautiful velvet bag to store your crystals in or take with you when you travel!


Recommendation 2

Recommendation 3

amethyst gemstone clear 10ml essential oil roller bottle

Amethyst Gemstone Roller

A 10ml clear roller bottle with amethyst gemstone roller top and matte gold cap. Amethyst is a good overall stone for protection, balance, and confidence. 

Sunstone + Tiger Eye Crystal Roller

10ml clear roller with sunstone crystals and tiger eye's roller top with gold cap. We worked with a certified crystal healer to choose these crystals for your needs to make it easier to discover what crystals would benefit you most.

Includes an essential oil recipe blend on the box for confidence and courage. All of our recipes use single oils so any essential oil user can make them.