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I'm Haylee, the founder of Whimsy + Wellness

The Interview: Haylee's Story As Told To MB

We love a good becoming story, don't you?! Haylee shares about the secret sauce behind Whimsy + Wellness and the $500 that changed everything.

MB: What’s the Whimsy secret sauce? How did you get started?

MB: Yes, I think being different from everyone else is one of your strengths. How did you even come up with that idea?

MB: You had a lot of trouble finding vendors though, right?

MB: That's hilarious!

MB: $500 was a small fortune for you back then, right?

MB: And then you had your Disney moment, right?

MB: You’re not the only one making gemstone roller bottle tops anymore, though. What’s that like?

MB: What’s next for you, Haylee?

Our Mission

To infuse meaning and play into your daily routine with whimsical glass bottles and an array of happy accessories. We help you find more joy, bring kindness into your home and learn that wellness can be fun. Your routine can be anything BUT routine!

Welcome to Your Happy Place For Health!