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About us

Whimsy + Wellness started just a few months after experiencing my second miscarriage as a way to distract myself from the constant wonder of when I would be pregnant again.
I had just started using essential oils in my wellness routine and when I couldn't find any pretty roller bottles to put them in, I decided to make my own. Armed with a Silhouette Cameo machine and a roll of vinyl, I sold the first Whimsy + Wellness products out of a tiny Etsy shop in 2016.
I found myself energized by the business and began to look for ways to add new products that could help people feel happy when embarking on their own journey of wellness. The first on the market with grow the company into a full family business, bringing my hwith our 3 kiddos running circles around our desks. We not only create whimsical essential oil roller bottles, but we also help our customers get started on their wellness journey. Through tutorials, 
We're on a mission to help people find the fun in their wellness journey. We know that it wellness can be daunting, with boring details, use crystals and essential oils in their everyday life (and make it fun in the process).I never in my wildest dreams imagined that this business would be where it is today. That it would give me purpose and drive, something I didn’t think I would feel until I was called mom. I want to thank you, you reading this, for giving me that. You have changed my life.

We now have our rainbow baby, Posey, who joined our family on 12.25.17. She is our business partner that gets to play with the bottles (ba-ba's), run away with packing supplies, and find other ways to make working take 10x longer than without her around :)