How to Make a Roller Bottle with Essential Oils

How to Make a Roller Bottle with Essential Oils

Essential oils and roller bottles were confusing to all of us when we first started!

“Can I use lavender for anything?” 

“How do I know which oils to use, and when?” 

“How do I make roller bottles? 

The good news is that you really can’t do anything wrong. Natural wellness is intuitive. The more you lean on natural wellness tools like essential oils, the better you’ll be at knowing which oils to reach for, and when. 

One of the reasons we recommend roller bottles for beginners is because they make oils so easy! 

Roller bottles help you mix up your favorite blends so they’re ready to go when you need them, and they also make it easy to take your oils with you wherever you go (we’re obsessive about making sure our roller bottles don’t leak!). 

Roller bottles also allow you to effectively dilute your oils with a carrier oil (more on that below), which is best for your skin and best for your wallet (looking at you, expensive oils like rose and frankincense). 

But the biggest reason we love roller bottles for our oils is that they make using oils fun, which means we’re reaching for them all. day. long.  

And the more you use your oils, the better they’ll work! 

In this article, we’re walking you through all the roller bottle basics. You’ll be a roller bottle pro by the end of it. 

Ready? Let’s go! 

Why Use Roller Bottles?

Because essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts (and the higher the quality of the oils the more potent they become), it’s not always best to apply the oils directly to your skin.

One of the gentlest ways to apply essential oils (and still get all of those great benefits) is to dilute the oils with a carrier oil and put them into a roller bottle for topical use. 

A roller bottle typically contains 1-3% of essential oils and then the rest of the bottle is filled with a carrier oil like almond, fractionated coconut, or jojoba. 

The roller top on a roller bottle allows the oils to distribute evenly when you roll onto your skin.

We have tested so many roller tops and have found that glass or gemstone roller tops are the best quality and provide the smoothest application. 

Bonus! The gemstone roller tops have additional healing properties.

How Do I Know How Many Oils To Add To A Roller Bottle?

Although every person is different, there are some general dilution guidelines to follow depending on age, skin sensitivity, and intended use. 

Always do your research on the specific oil you’ll be using, as some oils like oregano are considered “hot” to the skin and can cause a burning sensation if not diluted properly. 

Most oils follow these general dilution guidelines…

Here’s How to Make Your Own Roller Bottle 

Here’s what you’ll need to make a roller bottle with essential oils:

  • 5ml or 10ml glass roller bottle (we love THESE and THESE)
  • Essential Oils (see our favorite blends below)
  • Carrier Oil (we love THIS one)

Step 1. 

Drop your essential oils into your roller bottle. 

Roller bottles typically come in 2 sizes: 5ml and 10ml. 

Pin our dilution chart to keep it handy (we also include a dilution chart with every roller bottle order, so you can keep it on your fridge or wherever you need it!). 

Step 2. 

Fill the rest of your roller bottle with a carrier oil. 

A carrier oil is an oil like fractionated coconut oil (our fav), jojoba oil, sweet almond oil, or any other oil that’s not too viscous. 

You want it to be natural, and to roll well. Feel free to experiment! 

Step 3. 

Secure your roller top in place. 

We love this leopard jasper gemstone roller top in the Dunes Collection.

Step 4. 

Gentle roll or shake your bottle to distribute the oils evenly, and you’re ready to roll (pun 100% intended). 

Roll the roller bottle on pulse points like your temples, inside of wrists, on the bottoms of the feet, behind the neck, and down the spine. 

Or, roll on your abdomen, sore muscles, or anywhere else you need relief. Just be careful to avoid sensitive areas like your eyes! 

Our Favorite Roller Bottle Blends

We send recipe cards with all of our roller bottles at Whimsy + Wellness, and you can browse tons of our favorite recipes here on our blog or in our book

The more you use your rollers, the more you’ll benefit from them, so fill up a bunch and stash them where you’ll see and use them: kitchen drawers, nightstands, your purse, etc.! 

Happy rolling!