Gemstone Facial Roller
Gemstone Facial Roller
Gemstone Facial Roller
Gemstone Facial Roller
Gemstone Facial Roller
Gemstone Facial Roller
Gemstone Facial Roller
Gemstone Facial Roller
Gemstone Facial Roller
Gemstone Facial Roller
Gemstone Facial Roller

Gemstone Facial Roller

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Facial rolling has been around for centuries and is only recently making its way into Western society. Essentially, facial rolling tools such as jade and rose quartz are used to massage ones face and neck muscles, assisting in a process known as lymphatic drainage. These rollers also assist in general circulation of the surrounding skin cells which brings fresh blood and oxygen to the skin. 

Many suggest facial rolling in the mornings, to view an improved face complexion that may appear brighter from increased circulation. In addition, facial rolling is a great stress reducer and many people find facial rolling therapeutic and meditative!

These rollers are extremely delicate. Roll with light pressure initially. To clean, use warm water and mid soap on all stone surfaces. Dry thoroughly with a clean towel. 

You will receive one roller per order.

These are made of natural stone, they will vary in color.
Instructional how to use info card included with every order. 

Below is a description of each stone and it's properties. All stones will give the benefits listed above as a facial roller, and it is a personal preference on which stone you choose based on looks and properties:

Green Jade (gold): Brings feelings of love, harmony, and passion, invigorating and motivating, cleansing stone, used for facial rolling for centuries in Chinese culture

Opalite (gold): a man- made glass, boosts self esteem, has calming energy, assists in times of change, enhances relationships

Lapis Lazuli (gold): helps bring compassion and honesty to self, wisdom, good judgement, desire for knowledge, stone of truth, harmonizing, helps express feelings

Rose Quartz (gold): The ultimate love & relationship stone, peace, opens heart, teaches self-love, soothes emotional pain

Tiger's Eye (rose gold): energizes the emotional body, assists in achieving goals, lifts mood, helps self-worth and self-criticism 

Dalmatian Stone (rose gold): brings out the child in us, encourages sense of humor and playfulness, a grounding and calming energy, a pick-me-up stone, black spots are tourmaline which is known for getting rid of negative energy and protection


Start with a clean face and clean facial roller- clean with warm
water and mild soap

Start rolling with mild pressure from the center of the face (think of your
nose as the dividing line) outward working your way up

start at the chest and move up to neck, chin, cheeks, undereye, eyebrow
and forehead using the smaller end for sensitive areas like eyes

Roll over each area 3-4 times always outwards (away from the nose)
and upwards

Apply serums, moisturizers, and any oils desired after rolling for
greater absorption


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Roll. Smile. Repeat.

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