Enneagram Roller Bottle Set | 10 ml

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Do you know your Enneagram type?! Using your own personalized essential oil blends in your very own customized roller bottles is a wildly helpful, totally natural way to support your journey!  

This beautiful three roller bottle set includes: 

  • 3 roller bottles in gorgeous matching hues that represent your Enneagram type, the type you move towards in strength, and the type you move towards in stress 
  • A sticker sheet designed by Enneagram Artist Mirabelle Creations just for your type, with beautiful reminders that you are perfect just the way you are⁠ (add these to your roller bottles to completely personalize them!) 
  • An affirmation card + essential oil recipe created *just for you* 

( PS need more Enneagram help? We’ve written a super helpful guide right here.) 

Your roller bottles come ready for you to add essential oils, pop in the roller tops, and screw on the lid. You can roll: 

  • Across your heart 
  • At the base of your neck or spine 
  • Bottom of your feet 
  • The inside of your wrists 

Roller bottles can help you: 

  • Save money on pricey essential oils 
  • Make oils super convenient to use 
  • Find moments of joy and happiness in the middle of your everyday! 
  • Destress and calm during tough times 

Your beautiful glass roller bottles come covered in an oil-proof matte wrap. You’ll receive: 

  • 3, 10ml roller bottles with glass roller beads 
  • 3 matte gold lids 
  • One sticker sheet with oil-resistant stickers for your bottles  
  • One beautifully printed, heavy stock card with customized essential oil & affirmation for your type 

We still check each glass roller by hand to make sure yours works perfectly out of the box. Our rollers are known for not leaking--you can breathe easy knowing that oils won’t spill inside your bag or drawer! 

Dimensions: 6.25x5x1 inches

The Bottle Bar

COMING SOON! Mix and match your favorite single bottles and tops for an unlimited selection of totally custom bottles.

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