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“Where the skies rain roller bottles and crystals grow on trees.”

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Happy Place Sunshine

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For $10 a month here's all the whimsy that could come your way...

$10 a month whimsy cash

Your $10 monthly membership automatically goes back into your pocket! It rolls over each month and never expires. The best part? There are no secrets or annoying limits on how your cash can be used. Straight up $10 every month. For any whimsy product.

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Free US shipping over $100

Log in to your secure Whimsy Happy Place membership and shop the site to your heart's content. When your order value reaches $100 or over, your shipping fee will automatically disappear from your order like magic. Voila!

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Early access for new product releases

We like to create never-before-seen wellness products that often sell out fast (despite our best intentions). As a member you can use your secure login to access the site up to 2 hours earlier than non-members for a chance to snag those brand spanking new releases.

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Monthly flash deals

We stand behind the quality of our products, so we rarely run sales. Being a member means you will get the chance to snag a monthly deal (often up to 40% off!) on our Whimsy Wednesdays.

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Whimsy Happy Place faqs

What are the Perks of having a Happy Place Membership?

  • $10 monthly Whimsy Cash (just like store credit) that accumulates month to month (go ahead and let it stack up!)
  • Early access to new product releases! Many of our products sell out FAST so our Happy Place members get exclusive early access (sometimes up to 24 hours!) to shop new releases and sales.
  • 15% off your first order!
  • Always FREE shipping on orders $100+ (US only)
  • Monthly Flash Deals on the last Wednesday of every month- we like to call this “Whimsy Wednesday”.

I want to join! How do I get access to the Flash deals and early access?

  • Yay! First, start by adding the Whimsy Happy Place membership to your cart and checkout. Next, activate your account by signing in HERE. Then, you can access the Whimsy Wednesday deal or early access through your Happy Place Dashboard!

Will my Whimsy cash roll over month to month?

  • Yes! Whimsy cash rolls over month-to-month and never expires! You can accumulate as much as Whimsy Cash as you’d like to save up- there’s no limit.

Can I use my Whimsy cash on items of my choice or are they chosen for me?

  • Your Whimsy Cash is used as a gift card code at checkout- so you can apply it to any item!

Will I receive text communication about Whimsy Wednesday deals?

  • Yes! Just make sure you are signed up to receive our text alerts here.

Are there any shipping perks for me if I'm an international customer?

  • We’re not able to offer a shipping discount to international customers at this time.

Can I use my Whimsy cash on discounted items during a sale?

  • Yes! Using Whimsy Cash is just like using a gift card.

When will my $10 subscription fee be charged each month?

  • Your $10 Happy Place membership fee will be charged on the day of the month that you originally signed up. If you need to change that date, please email!

How long will it take for my $10 subscription fee to convert to Whimsy cash?

  • Your $10 Whimsy Cash will be available for immediate use! Just log in to your store account and click on ‘My Subscriptions’ under your account or the ‘Happy Place link’ at the top of the page.

When will I receive my 15% coupon code for Happy Place?

  • You will receive your code in an email shortly after joining the Happy Place!

The free shipping option isn’t showing at checkout...what do I do?

  • You will need to sign up for Happy Place first prior to making a purchase in order to qualify for free shipping (add it to your cart separately and check out before placing your product order). If you’re still not seeing free shipping after you have signed up, refresh the checkout screen a few times. If you continue to have trouble please send us an email at

I’m having trouble logging into my Happy Place account...what do I do?

Can I cancel my Happy Place membership at any time?

  • Yes! You can cancel your membership at any time. Just log into your account and select ‘My Account’, then ‘Manage Subscriptions. Please note, while your Whimsy Cash will remain active, you will lose immediate access to Whimsy Happy Place Deals and early access shopping.

Will I still have access to my Whimsy cash if I cancel my Happy Place membership?

  • Yes, customers who cancel their Happy Place memberships will still have access to their remaining Whimsy cash through their Shopify store account. However, if you have received a refund for unused Whimsy Cash the amount of the refund will be subtracted from your Whimsy Cash balance.

Can I gift a Happy Place membership to someone?

  • Yes! In order to gift a happy place membership, the person who wants to pay for it would need to purchase a new membership under the email address of the person they are gifting it to (enter the email of the gift recipient under “customer & shipping information). Then put their info into the billing information. That way the account is not tied to their email address, but they would still pay for it.
  • The person receiving the membership as a gift would then need to sign up for an account on our site to access their Happy Place membership.