Your Perfect Healing Match: Stress + Anxiety Crystals


Your perfect healing match: crystals for stress & anxiety (amazonite, tourmaline, blue lace agate, peridot)

Friend, I’ve been there! Life is just extra stressful sometimes. If you’re experiencing a great deal of anxious feelings and feel like you just don’t ever have it all together, crystals that come in blues, reds, and greens can be very helpful. 

Using these crystals regularly can help you relax out of anxiety so that you become like the amazing sea turtle, calm and confident under the waves, happy where life guides you! 

I’ve combined two of my favorite crystals for dealing with stress and anxiety (tourmaline and blue lace agate) into a single essential oil roller, and I use it on the inside of my wrists, the back of my neck, and even above my heart when life starts to feel like it’s closing in. 

A few deep breaths, and I’m in a much better place.


Calming Crystals: Set of 5

A set of calming crystals hand-selected in Tucson, Arizona and cleared of their energy so they can be used in your home just to look at, hold, or meditate with. Set includes: Selenite, Prehnite, Pink Opal, Chrysocolla, White Howlite

Includes an info card that tells you exactly how you can use your new crystals in a fun and playful way. We want using crystals to be EASY and fun. You also receive a beautiful velvet bag to store your crystals in or take with you when you travel!


Recommendation 2

Recommendation 3

Clear Quartz Mini Tower

Clear Quartz is the perfect stone to amplify energies, cleanse spaces, and support a connection to your higher self.

Hand chosen by me in Tucson at the world's largest gem and mineral show. They have been cleared and are ready to enter your home! Each crystal will come with a card that describes what the crystal's properties are. ⁣

Sizes vary. 

Tourmaline + Blue Lace Agate Crystal Roller

10ml clear roller with Tourmaline crystals and Blue Lace Agate roller top with gold cap. We worked with a certified crystal healer to choose these crystals for your needs to make it easier to discover what crystals would benefit you most.

Includes an essential oil recipe blend on the box for stress + anxiety. All of our recipes use single oils so any essential oil user can make them.