Phases | Set of Five 10ml Metallic Roller Bottles

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I envisioned these bottles dripping in metallic, but something was pulling at me to create something more. I was so drawn to these modern geo shapes. The juxtaposition of the soft abstract lines of the landscape scene made this set feel complete to me. 

As I stepped back to look at the final product, I was stumped on a name. I almost used earth metals or geometrica, but I knew it needed to tell the story of how as the earth moves through seasons, so do our lives. From the mountain climb, to the rainbow at the end of the storm, I hope these rollers will remind you to grab your oils and sit in the moment.

☾☀☽ Phases is $29 with glass tops and $48 with gem tops, and you will receive:⁠⠀

🌈 10ml clear roller with metallic gold rainbow print and gold cap

🌄 10ml clear roller with metallic gold landscape and moon print and gold cap⠀

☀ 10ml clear roller with metallic copper sun print and rose gold cap⠀⠀

⚫️ 10ml clear roller with metallic copper rainbow geo print and rose gold cap

☽ 10ml clear roller with metallic silver phases print and silver cap

Oils needed to follow this recipe (included on packaging): Fir, Bergamot, Frankincense, Ylang Ylang (don't be afraid to substitute similar oils if you don't have some listed ie: lemon for lime or orange)

Gemstone roller tops (if chosen): 

Brown goldstone: stone of ambition, increases self acceptance

Tigers eye: lifts mood, good for courage, and new beginnings

Labradorite: mental sharpness, inspiration, see many possibilities

Smoky quartz: grounding, concentration, clear insight, eases stress

Opalite: boosts self esteem, calming, brings peace⁠⠀

All bottles come empty ready for you to fill with your favorite essential oils, are durable glass with the design printed DIRECTLY on the bottle so it won’t come off, and refillable!

The Bottle Bar

COMING SOON! Mix and match your favorite single bottles and tops for an unlimited selection of totally custom bottles.

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