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💎Crystals allll over your house. You know you want that and I'm here to enable your obsession make it happen 💃🏻 Your friends might think you’re that weird hippie, but I know from experience these crystals are mouth-wateringly irresistible--your friends are going to be joining you faster than you can say “selenite.” As you move from room to room in your house during the course of the day, these happy crystals will be hard at work guiding you, making you smile, and healing your space. AND you loved these so much when we launched them originally, that I created ANOTHER crystal set for your home.


Rose quartz rough chunk for your bedroom

Celestite cluster for a bedroom

Amazonite tumbled piece for your dining table

Carnelian tumbled palm stone for your work area

Amethyst cluster for your living room

Info booklet that tells you exactly how you can use your new crystals in a fun and playful way

Beautiful zipper bag to store your crystals when needed

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How It's Made

Our crystals and essential oil accessories are lovingly sourced and created just for you with the utmost care, safety, and quality in mind.

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