Moon Magic Crystal Bundle
Moon Magic Crystal Bundle

Moon Magic Crystal Bundle

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An inspiring yet grounding mixture of crystals to encourage growth through change, just as the moon changes each and every night, yet remains a stable constant for us. 

The Moon Magic Bundle is a $52 value for $49, and includes the following crystals:

Moon selenite bowl- keeps all of your other crystals charged and brings peace!

✨Green garnet tumble- stability, abundance, confidence

✨Ocean jasper tumble- renewal, determination, change

✨Amphibole quartz mini tower- peace, harmony, confidence

✨Moonstone mini tumble- loving, positive, inspiring

*Please note that all crystals vary in shape, size and color. We have selected crystals for each bundle that are approximately the same size as the ones pictured, but there will be some slight variation in the overall shape and color.

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Our crystals and essential oil accessories are lovingly sourced and created just for you with the utmost care, safety, and quality in mind.

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