Merry + Bright Mermaid Stocking
Merry + Bright Mermaid Stocking
Merry + Bright Mermaid Stocking

Merry + Bright Mermaid Stocking

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This stocking with calming crystals will have you feeling mermaid vibes during the holiday season! Crystals like turquoise and amethyst will provide protection + stress relief, aquamarine will provide the courage to get you through those long holiday events, rose quartz will give you the self-love you so greatly deserve and the shiva eye shell provides good luck and protection from the evil eye. Wrapped up in a sequin stocking perfect for gifting (or keep it to yourself)! You will also receive a digital download with each crystal's properties!

More about the Shiva Eye Shell 
Also known as Pacific Cats Eye, the Shiva Eye Shell comes from a specific type of Snail found off the coast of Thailand. It is the “trap door” or Operculum of the shell the snail organism goes in and out of specifically. Named after the Hindu God, Shiva, the shell represents the Third Eye found in many depictions of the God. Folklore suggests Shiva Eye Shells are “Mermaid Money” and good luck to travelers and fishermen. The Shiva Eye shell has a number of meanings associated with it. Eyes in general are a symbol of protection as to ward off the “Evil Eye”. Coming from the sea, this shell has ocean-like soothing, comforting and serene vibes and will bring peace of mind and relaxation. 

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