Iridescent Rainbow Bottle | 1 oz.

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🌈 I started Whimsy after my second miscarriage in the pain of waiting for another positive pregnancy test. Whimsy + Wellness in many ways, was my first rainbow baby. It gave me purpose and drive, something I didn't think I would feel until I was called mom. I designed the rainbow roller always knowing we would use it to help others who felt the pain of losing part of their family. Since Whimsy + Wellness started, we have donated over $6,000 and I CANNOT wait to make another huge donation to @nationalshare after this launch because of this new addition to the rainbow collection. Thank YOU for allowing me to support them. 

I’ve wanted to expand our rainbow line of products for THE LONGEST TIME! So I am sooooooo excited that we get to do that NOW! These bottles will always have a special place in my heart because for every one we sell, we donate $1 to @nationalshare, a nonprofit that supports families who have experienced pregnancy and/or infant loss. With October being Pregnancy and Infant Loss awareness month, I knew there was no better time to get these out into the world. 

🌈 The Iridescent Rainbow Bottle comes in a 1oz size with your choice of a dropper top or spray top.

When adding to your cart, please be sure to select which top you would like!

🌈 The dropper is perfect for: lotion, carrier oil, face serum, bulk diffuser blends, hand sanitizer and anything else that's similar!

🌈 The spray is perfect for linen sprays, perfume, car freshening spray, face mists and more!

🌈  To make your own aromatherapy perfume, just add the essential oils that make you happy, then fill the rest with water, witch hazel, or vodka (I promise you won't smell it!) Then just twist up, spray + you'll be ready to take on the day!

P.S. I teach all about how to make the perfect essential oil perfume blend in our book Beyond Lavender!

🌈 Our Happiness Guarantee

We want you to be happy. That's our actual guarantee. So if for any reason you aren’t happy, we will do anything we can to change that! 

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