Diamond Perfume Bottle | 2 oz
Diamond Perfume Bottle | 2 oz
Diamond Perfume Bottle | 2 oz

Diamond Perfume Bottle | 2 oz

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It's a fact, perfume smells better when it's in a beautiful bottle! And it smells even better if you make your own safe aromatherapy perfume with essential oils. Every time you spray on your perfume in this stunning bottle you'll be reminded of the fabulous, beautiful, light shining being you are ✨

This bottle holds 2 oz. of your own custom essential oil perfume blend. Each purchase comes with a DIY perfume recipe digital download.

To make your own aromatherapy perfume, just add the oils that make you happy, then fill the rest with water, witch hazel, or vodka (I promise you won't smell it!) Shake before each spray + you'll be ready to take on the day!

P.S. I teach all about how to make the perfect essential oil perfume blend in our book Beyond Lavender!

✨ Bottle Material: Glass

✨ Bottle Volume: 2 oz

✨ Bottle Dimensions: 4.25 x 1.75 x 1.75 inch

✨ Spray Top Color: Gold w/ Gold Bulb

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