Presale FAQ – Whimsy + Wellness

Presale FAQ

Once again, we are blown away by your support. Literally cried AGAIN after the Mother’s Day launch because we are so thankful for each and every one of you.

We also heard frustrations of things selling out before you could check out. I want you to know this is NEVER our intention. We want whimsy in the hands of everyone.

Because of this, we have decided to offer presales on three of our most wanted collections: Potions DIY Kit, So Fresh + So Clean, and Kindness Like Confetti Glitter Spray Bottle


The presale will be live May 5th 10 AM PST.

This will allow us to accurately acquire the amount of collections needed so that no one feels left out!

How does it work?

You purchase your item now, and we ship it to you as soon as they are ready which could be anywhere from a few days to 5 weeks from now. If you purchase other items from the shop at the same time, those items will ship separately in their standard 2-3 business day time frame.


How much are they?

DIY Potions Kit: $74

So Fresh + So Clean: $49

Kindness Like Confetti Glitter Spray Bottle: $19

Shipping is FREE for presale items- woohoo!


Will presale items sell out?

It’s possible! We have made a large number of the items available for presale, but we also need to be sure we can ship what is sold within the 5 week time frame. DON’T WORRY! If they do sell out, we will offer them again, once we can assess inventory, timing, and help to get more made and into your hands!


Are the items the same as the previous versions?

For the most part, yes! So Fresh + So Clean and the Kindness Like Confetti Spray will remain 100% the same. The Potions DIY Kit may have slight variations compared to the original. 


For example, you may receive: 

-rose gold essential skinny labels instead of silver 

-a spray top instead of a gold dropper top on the 1 oz clear glass bottle

-different crystals besides rose quartz or turquoise 

-lavender instead of rose buds and possibly in a different style jar 


You are still getting the same value (or more!) with these swaps and everything else will remain the same! Swapping some minor details allows us to offer more inventory at a time when sourcing is difficult.


Will there be limits on how many I can purchase?

We haven’t set limits on how many items you can purchase because when we looked, most customers are buying just 1 or 2 of the same item. If we notice this changing, we will set limits on future launches.


We hope offering these allows everyone to get a little whimsy into their homes.