Rainbow Maker Stickers
Rainbow Maker Stickers
Rainbow Maker Stickers
Rainbow Maker Stickers
Rainbow Maker Stickers
Rainbow Maker Stickers
Rainbow Maker Stickers
Rainbow Maker Stickers
Rainbow Maker Stickers

Rainbow Maker Stickers

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Surprise! Haylee and our amazing designers dreamed up the most whimsical, magical, and FUN holographic rainbow making sticker pack for you.

Introducing a set of 4 holographic stickers, as wild and free as your inner hippie spirit! While these will bring a smile to your face no matter where you place them, they were especially designed as suncatcher stickers to spread rainbows through the light that comes through your window.

Select from the following designs or buy the whole set!

✨Be as wild as the flowers 🌸
✨Let your light shine ☀️
✨Today is a good day 😊
✨Magic mushrooms 🍄

How to apply your new holographic rainbow stickers! 

🌈 You will need: paper towels (or a cloth), spray bottle with water, squeegee
🌈 Choose a window that gets direct sunlight & clean it thoroughly.
🌈 Wet the window with a spray bottle or a moist paper towel or cloth.
🌈 Peel sticker from the backing and place the adhesive side on the wet window. Slide it into position. The sticker may seem like it’s floating.
🌈 Gently squeegee out the excess water and air bubbles & wipe the window dry. The adhesive
may take on a milky cast, but don’t worry! This will clear up once the water dries.
🌈Note: Like most stickers, your rainbow suncatcher has a strong adhesive and is not intended to be reused/repositioned. Some do have success though! If there is any residue left on the window, basic rubbing alcohol should easily remove it. HAPPY RAINBOWS 🌈

✨Approximate Dimensions:

✨Be as wild as the flowers: 3 x 3 inch
✨Let your light shine: 2.2 x 3 inch
✨Today is a good day: 3 x 3 inch
✨ Magic mushrooms: 2.2 x 3 inch

🌈 Our Happiness Guarantee

We want you to be happy. That's our actual guarantee. So if for any reason you aren’t happy, we will do anything we can to change that! 

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