Mercury Retrograde Crystals | Set of 6 Crystals in Bag

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Mercury retrograde has gotten a bad rep! You may have heard horror stories about what happens during Mercury retrograde (specifically in the areas of communication and travel), but don't worry, with this set of carefully curated crystals, it doesn’t have to be scary! But we do recommend waiting on making that big decision until the retrograde is over ;)

Retrogrades are a planet’s natural rest period. Everybody has them. I mean, how long can you go until you need to sit down? You’ll need to take a break at some point. The planets are no different!

The natural world offers us many tools to aid us during this sacred readjustment period, namely crystals! We curated this collection of crystals to support you with communication and grounding during the next Mercury Retrograde.

With this collection of 6 crystals you'll get a beautiful blush Whimsy + Wellness bag (and it's dreamily soft!) and a digital download card including details of each crystal and a custom essential oil blend to put in the roller bottle:

Tourmaline: grounds chaotic energy quickly and effectively.
Amazonite: creates harmony with your thoughts and in communication with others.
Clear Quartz: helps release negative energy from the past.
Labradorite: encourages self-reflection and assists in emotional processing.
Selenite: clears accumulation of stagnant energy.
Jade 10 ml Crystal Roller Bottle: supports prosperity building and stable energy.

Mark your Calendars, Mercury will be in retrograde on these dates in 2023.

August 23 - September 15
December 13 - January 1

Read more about how these crystals can support you during retrograde, here!

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