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Introducing the Grounded Collection, a collaboration with Holly Brandenberger aka Science of Essentials. Holly is a certified aromatherapist, RN, and lover of trees + their properties. Trees are often the symbol of healing and are incredibly grounding- helping us revitalize our roots. The Grounded Collection includes a 30ml dropper bottle, 10ml roller bottle and 5ml aromatherapy inhaler + 3 of Holly's favorite recipes on the box!

10ml Roller Bottle: These 10 ml glass essential oil roller bottles make using your oils every day easy and FUN! Just add your fave essential oils and top with carrier to make a custom blend (each box comes with a few recipes printed on the back). Then roll on your pulse points, take a deep breath, smile and repeat as needed throughout the day!

✨ Bottle Material: Glass

✨ Bottle Volume: 10ml

✨ Bottle Dimensions: 3.25 x 0.75 x 0.75 inch

✨ Cap Color: Bamboo

✨ Roller Top: Glass

✨ Design: Oil and Water Resistant Sticker Label

30ml Dropper Bottle: Keep this beautiful bottles by your diffuser for quick, easy, mess-free filling! Just add your fave essential oil blends to fill the bottles making a bulk diffuser blend! No more having to opening 5 bottles every time you want to fill the diffuser and wait as they slooowwwwly drop out. You're welcome!

✨ Bottle Material: Frosted Glass

✨ Bottle Volume: 30ml

✨ Bottle Dimensions: 3.5 x 1 x 1 inch

✨ Top: Bamboo Dropper

✨ Design: Oil and Water Resistant Sticker Label

5ml Inhaler: Aromatherapy inhalers are one of the most utilized tools in aromatherapy. They contain a cotton wick inside a glass tube that has small holes at the top. These are NOT to be placed within the mouth. To use, hold several inches below the nose while taking slow deep breaths for 30-60 seconds.

✨ Bottle Material: Glass (Interior), Metal and Plastic (Outside Cover/Cap)

✨ Bottle Volume: 5ml

✨ Bottle Dimensions: 3.25 x 0.75 x 0.75 inch

✨ Design: Oil and Water Resistant Sticker Label

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