Cinderella's Pumpkin Patch Spray Bottle + Label

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Fall isn't fall without pumpkins, right?! This whimsical pumpkin design by Haylee + our graphic design team will have you feeling ready for all the cozy vibes! This frosted 6.7 oz bottle with is the perfect size for a fall room spray (recipe included as a digital download!). Annnnd we are also offering this gorgeous label on it's own so be sure to choose the spray bottle (with label already applied to the bottle) or label only (label sheet by itself) before adding to your cart!

To make your own aromatherapy perfume, just add the oils that make you happy, then fill the rest with water, witch hazel, or high proof clear alcohol. Shake before each spray + you'll be ready to take on the day! P.S. I teach all about how to make the perfect essential oil perfume blend in our book Beyond Lavender

Misfits Options: Oops! We had an issue with the labels that arrived, causing a small line to be seen down the middle of the label! New labels are on their way but for now we wanted to offer these as a “misfit” option at a discounted price! These bottles will have a faint line across the middle of the label, along with some small bubbles in the labels, and small blemishes in the bottle. The label sheets will also have a small, faint line as well.

✨Spray Bottle

  • Bottle material: Frosted glass
  • Bottle top: Black spray top
  • Volume: 6.7oz
  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 2.5 x 2.5 inch
  • Bottle design: Oil and water resistant sticker label

✨Label Sheet

  • Dimensions: 3.75 x 3 inch
  • Oil and water resistant sticker label
  • Design: Various pumpkins on an opaque/frosted background
  • Label sheet is one sticker label (each pumpkin is NOT an individual sticker) 

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